Get in the Mix!

Share Experiences — not just photos

Ever been to a party and failed to capture the birthday girl blowing out her candles? Attended a wedding and missed the first-look photo op? What if you could curate all the best photos from all attendees at an event to compile a best-of digital experience?

Now, you can host, join, and enjoy exclusive digital experiences to accompany in-person or virtual event, with Mixby.

Unlimited Location Possibilities

Mixby creates a unified, interconnected, shared real-time event experience.

In fact, it’s creating an instant micro-social network for that experience. Within this “micro-social network,” photos and media are instantly shared from everyone's unique point of view (POV), rather than fragmented (and isolated) photos shared across disparate apps and platforms. It’s simple and effortless.

Mixby Private Events

Host private events to control the guest list—whether you’re enjoying a small family celebration or a large work event, ensure only guests have access to the shared experience and photo memories.

Mixby Public Events

Host public events to encourage groups from 5 to 50,000 people to share photos and network with other attendees—at a concert, a sporting event, a dance club, or anywhere life takes you. Share your photos, meet new people, experience the event in-person and in photo.

A Micro-Social Network

Since 2011, Artifact Technologies has pioneered location-based technologies that deliver more meaningful, relevant content and foster deeper engagement at museums, music events, conventions, schools, and public libraries. Our unique approach combines user-centric experience design with state-of-the-art location technologies. The result is personalized and memorable experiences that are rich with dynamic, immersive content and gamified interactions.

Join a Mixby in progress or easily host one! It takes less than a minute to set up!

Ever felt FOMO (fear of missing out) at an event? Too many missed moments, no easy way to access all the photos taken? Well, Mixby is your salvation. Mixby lets you experience an event through every available camera to create a collection of the group’s favorite memories.

  • From 5 to 50,000 attendees, Mixby works great at any sized event.
  • Create an invitation-only event so attendees can join in and share from anywhere.
  • Take photos and videos throughout and easily contribute to the event photo album.
  • View photos taken by other attendees and “like” your favorites.
  • Post real-time updates and connect with others in the chat room.
  • When the event ends, all attendees get a Mixby showcasing the Top 9 photos.
  • The entire photo album can be viewed at any time after the event.


“Mixby perfectly captured everything happening at my birthday party. Can't imagine having my next one without it!”
-a year older
“I love how easy it is for me to share photos with my friends, especially after a girls’ trip or a fun event. It makes it so simple for everyone to get all the photos they want without having to nag people to send them (no one likes doing that!)”
“ Perfect for group events! We recently used this at a trade show event and it allowed us all to capture moments at the show and share them with all the other attendees. The app was easy to use and you don’t have to provide all the personal info to use it, unlike other social media applications. I am going to start using it for all my personal and corporate events!”
-JC Bailey